MA Painting FAQ

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Frequently Asked Painting Questions

Choosing the right painting company can be a tough process, that's why MA Painting DFW strives to provide helpful information to potential customers. This section addresses common questions, such as the types of paint used, the typical length of a project, and what to expect during the painting process. By offering clear and concise answers to frequently asked questions, MA Painting aims to establish trust and credibility with its customers, making it easier for them to make informed decisions about their painting needs.


Why should I hire MA Painting DFW to paint my home?

At MA Painting we do more than paint, with over 20 years of general contracting experience we are your one stop shop for any of your remodeling desires. At MA Panting perfection is our only package.


Do you have any references?

With over 20 years of professional experience, MA painting has transformed commercial and residential properties throughout the DFW metroplex. Reach out today for a list of references!


How long have you been in business?

MA Painting has been open for business since April of 2000. We celebrate having painted thousands of homes with several repeat customers across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Reach out today for a free estimate and join the many satisfied customers of MA Painting!


Do you charge for an estimate?

As a well established and professional company, MA painting is happy to ensure we are able to perform the tasks you request. We provide free estimates anywhere across the DFW metroplex, allowing you to find the most competitive prices possible. Contact us today to schedule your FREE estimate today!


Are you insured?

Most states do not require insurance for painting. In fact, there is no state license for painting contractors, however, MA painting believes in accountability to keep you protected. We are a fully licensed and registered company here to serve your every painting need. Book your free estimate today and be in comfort of knowing your contract painting is done by a fully insured company.


How do I prep my home for painting?

Prior to our arrival, having personal items, wall hangings, furniture against the walls and anything you're concerned about damaging removed from the room. Once on site, MA painters will cover and mask all surfaces to ensure paint stays where it belongs. Not sure where to start? Get a quote today and we will go over all the details before the job starts.


Will you move my furniture?

We pride our company on being neat and tidy. If furniture needs to be moved, our team will move it to a safe location in your house to avoid damage. Most of the time, we can work around furniture by simply covering to protect it.


What type of prep work do you do?

The most important thing at MA Painting is customer satisfaction. Before any work is started, we ensure the general work area is protected from any contamination that may result from the work being performed. The first step to any job is taping and using covers to protect articles from any damage and if possible, the removal of any objects that may be in the way of the work being performed to ensure no damage is introduced to the customers belongings.


How much will it cost to paint my home's interior?

There are several factors that affect the cost to paint the interior or exterior of your home. Based on the size of the project, the material required, the condition of your walls and the prep work required. In addition, the cost of labor ranges per square foot depending on the specialty service you are needing. Call for a free quote today!


Who will be doing the painting?

Many contractor companies will hire subcontractors to do the work and take a fee which will cost you more on the entire job. MA painting is a traditional Father and Son style company, down to the literal definition. When your book with us, you see the same faces from estimate to when the job is completed. No additional fees, no middle man loss of communication, just great service straight to the source. Call us today to book your free estimate and get your dream project started today!


How long will it take to paint my home?

Depending on the project, preparing the area and painting can be complete in as little as a few hours, however, drywall, priming and additional coats can add time to this process to ensure a job well done. This can be established in your free quote.


Can I stay in my home while it's being painted?

As a minimally invasive team, we will do anything to stay out of your way and not cramp your lifestyle. There are times when leaving the house can benefit for a faster turnaround. When painting a whole house or multiple rooms, we aim to work around your needs to keep you comfortable in your own house.


What quality of paint and caulk do you use?

We use the industry leader Sherwin-Williams for Paints, Stains, Supplies and Coating Solutions.


Am I getting a good value for the price I'm paying?

With MA Painting, you're coming straight to the source of the contractors. That means no sub contracting and no hidden or additional fees. We offer the most competitive pricing with no loss of quality. It's not too good to be true. Call today to book your free estimate and start saving today!


Do you require a deposit or down payment?

MA painting will rarely require a deposit or down payment for your home paint services. For specific requests that require specialty products, a deposit to cover the cost of products may be requested to ensure products are reserved prior to performing services on your home or business. Have a specific request? Contact us today for a free estimate!


Will I receive a detailed estimate/invoice?

While a lot of contractors try to add lines of unnecessary and vague expenses, MA painting makes sure you know exactly what you're paying for. Along with the full physical walkthrough of your projects, we assure the most detailed invoice going over the expenses, requirements and labor breakdowns so you know exactly how your money is being spent. Book a free consultation today!


Will I receive a warranty?

At MA Painting, we believe in reputation, trust and accountability. We offer a competitive 1 year labor warranty on our services. Not happy with the service you received? Let us know how we can improve our quality to ensure the best service going forward. Book your free estimate today!